Creative Solutions


Creative Solutions

Providing clients quality business solutions that enable them to differentiate their business objectives. Klontia is devoted to defining your core values by thinking outside the box to match your goals through our design-driven, quality work & cutting edge creativity. Client satisfaction shapes our future.


What We Offer

Cutting Edge Professional Design

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Design Services
  • Branding/Visual Identity

  • Advertising & Marketing Design

  • Mobile Application UI/UX Designs

  • Graphic Illustrations

  • Infographic Videos

  • Logos & Artwork

  • Printing Services

  • Website Design

Designer's Desk
Event Management
  • Event Branding & Theme

  • Exhibition Stands Design & Construction

  • Full AV & Staging Services

  • Lighting Equipment

  • Scenery Design & Construction

  • Backdrops, Flags, Banners and Popups

  • Holograms, 3D Mapping, UV, laser & LED Shows

  • Event Crew, temporary Staff, Hostesses, Promotors & Models

  • Film Production

  • Video Walls and Tv displays

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Digital Solutions
  • 3D Interactive Virtual Events

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Software Development

  • SEO Services

  • Content Promotion Services

  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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"Creativity is a wild mind & a disciplined eye"

Dorothy Parker


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